The Great Sacandaga Lake Deepening Project

Why Deepen?

Deepening the GSL lakebed will not affect the shoreline of the reservoir or how it is perceived throughout the year, nor will it affect the daily operations of the Hudson River Black River Regulating District (HRBRRD).


    The Great Sacandaga Lake (GSL) should be sand harvested (deepened) by removing 720 million cubic meters of lakebed and minerals (a 20-foot deepening) over 20 years. The water holding capacity of the GSL would be increased by roughly 200 billion gallons of water in a 20’ deepening. By deepening the GSL, downstate interests would be satisfied and a deeper, cooler, lake would solve all of the GSL issues because of the increased water impoundment. The Great Sacandaga Lake Deepening Project (GSLDP) has the potential to create the most important watershed of the Hudson River. Deepening the GSL will result in the largest business and spin-offs ever created in the area and the economic benefits would be 20 to 30 times as large as the whole of the leather industry ever achieved in Fulton County throughout the last century.

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a sand harvesting operation.