The Great Sacandaga Lake Deepening Project

Community Benefits

Aside from the initial mineral wealth generated, adding to the local economy of Fulton County, the additional benefits of spin-off economies and new, sustainable "Green Economy" potential is unlimited.


    Deepening would mean growth in employment, economic opportunities, and a much needed cosmetic boost for nearby communities.Long-needed rehabilitation of nearby GSL communities like Northville, Mayfield and Broadalbin will occur if the lake is deepened. There will be many local benefits of deepening the GSL. Area infrastructure would be improved, like new sidewalks that would be built from the sediments donated from the project. Historic buildings would be restored. Property taxes would decrease, while property values would see a dramatic increase. Wholly new 'green' economies and jobs would be created and, therefore, economic activity generated. Plus, more water in the GSL will dramatically improve wastewater treatment plant discharges.

    Nearby cities like Gloversville, Johnstown and Amsterdam would benefit from the new industries that would be created to beneficiate, or process the mineral resources recovered from sandharvesting into saleable products.

    The GSLDP Team will establish a foundation called WISH [Water Impoundment Sand Harvesting] Fund, established from operational profits, to help finance the creation of spin-off businesses and educational projects to help with struggling local economies.

    Example of new economies generated include: architectural blocks, sandpaper companies, glass and ceramics businesses, supply companies, etc.