The Great Sacandaga Lake Deepening Project

About the Project

This environmentally beneficial project could generate revenues of $50B for upstate New York and help to rebuild the towns of Broadalbin, Mayfield and Northville.

Help us solve the problems of the Great Sacandaga Lake, to produce much needed revenue for the area and generate new, enduring green jobs.



     In an effort to accommodate up- and down-stream interests, the Upper Hudson-Sacandaga Comprehensive Settlement Negotiation Team decided to increase the GSL water impoundment by about 16 billion gallons of water, thereby raising the surface elevation of the lake from 768’ to 770’ over 20 years. This solution is tantamount to recognizing that more water means environmental, navigational and recreational improvements to the lake.The proposed GSL Deepening Project has two major benefits. The first is the creation
    of an additional 200 billion gallons of needed water in a 20' deepening. Second is a minimum of $50 billion flowing into the Upstate New York economy. This revenue would be generated by the mineral wealth contained in the Great Sacandaga Lake (GSL). The lake contains several minerals of economic importance.

    At full pond today, the GSL contains just under 300 billion gallons. Deepening the GSL could increase the available water in the lake to 700 billion gallons and would also solve the navigation, fishery & recreation issues of the lake.

    Our deepening solution proposes a solution involving sandharvesting to permanently deepen the lakebed of the Great Sacandaga Lake, an efficient and permanent method of increasing the water levels of the lake. Heavy mineral resources like those beneath the GSL are available in vast reserves around the world. Gloversville and Johnstown are uniquely equipped with an underutilized waste-water treatment plant, due to the demise of the leather industry.

    The readying of these raw materials from the lakebed to produce other, more refined ones, e.g., melting feldspar to make glass could be employed there to value-add to the mineral wealth contained in the GSL. Considering the spin-off economy potential from this process, a 20-foot deepening project could mean more than $100 billion to the Fulton County economy.


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